DAS Fire Protection is a licensed, professional fire protection contractor serving businesses in Massachusetts & New Hampshire. We offer a wide range of fire protection products and services to commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal customers. Our fire protection sprinkler systems have been installed in financial institutions, storage facilities & warehouses, municipal facilities, office buildings, educational institutions and residences in Massachusetts & New Hampshire. WIth expertly-trained and experienced technicians, we have the knowledge, expertise and ability to design, fabricate and install fire protection projects of any size, scope, and application.

    Our fire sprinkler products and services include fire sprinkler installations, sprinkler system repairs, sprinkler system retrofits, sprinkler head relocation, sprinkler testing & inspections, fire pumps testing, annual fire protecion systems maintenance, fire system and sprinkler inspection and design-build of sprinkler system including custom CAD design services.

    Fires can be devastating and are one of nature's most formidable forces of destruction. Accidental fires are responsible for millions of dollars in property loss each year. Fire sprinkler systems are designed to provide constant protection agains building fires, so that lives are saved, and property is protected. DAS Fire Protection takes pride in making buildings safe through the installation of professional fire sprinkler systems in Massachusetts & New Hampshire.

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